LFI Magazine 05/2019


「LFI」(Leica Fotogarfie International)は、ライカと写真をテーマに1949年に創刊され、現在まで発刊され続けている専門誌です。


¥1,540 (税込)
Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler: Light und Shadow. An exhibition and a book commemorating the work of the two Leica pioneers – a retrospective

Cédric Gerbehaye: Lithium Fever. Mining one of the most sought-after raw materials today, in one of the most impressive landscapes in the world

Till Brönner: Melting Pott. Idiosyncratic motifs between heavy industry and settled landscapes in the Ruhr district

Luis Cobelo: Zurumbático. Where monkeys predict the future and chickens lay golden eggs: a fantastical journey to Latin America

Pascal Dusapin: Travelling the World. Contrasts and contours, structures and textures: a meditation in black and white

Michael Paniccia: The Innocents. Magical, flashy and surreal: a courageous interplay of colours and spaces

F/STOP: Leica M-E | Leica CL ‘Urban Jungle’ | Huawei P30 Pro