LFI Magazine 05/2020


「LFI」(Leica Fotogarfie International)は、ライカと写真をテーマに1949年に創刊され、現在まで発刊され続けている専門誌です。


¥1,540 (税込)
Sheila Metzner: Leica Classic. Atmospheric, magical scenarios and complex staging define the timeless oeuvre of the New York photographer. We pay tribute

Joseph Rodríguez: East Side Stories. Tough boys with a sense of family: at the end of the nineties, Rodríguez photographed the private sphere of street gangs in Los Angeles

Suzan Pektaş: Dreams the Black Sea. After 25 years, the photographer returned to Bulgaria, the land of her childhood. A journey down memory lane in the Black Sea region

Juan Cristóbal Cobo: Ciclovia. Empty streets open to pedestrians, inline skaters and cyclists: in Bogotá, Ciclovía means Sunday mornings without traffic

Diane Betties: De Ma Mère. Betties set the stage for a fashion shoot featuring a young model, in an old apartment in Athens, filled with historic furnishings

F/STOP: Leica D-Lux 7 | Huawei P40 Pro | Fine art papers II