LFI Magazine 08/2021


「LFI」(Leica Fotogarfie International)は、ライカと写真をテーマに1949年に創刊され、現在まで発刊され続けている専門誌です。


¥1,540 (税込)


Ralph Gibson: Leica Hall of Fame. Captured over decades, his imagery is both individual and timeless. Now Ralph Gibson is being honoured with the Leica Hall of Fame Award

Michael Petersohn: One Day in Bangkok. Far from the tourist attractions: Michael Petersohn’s series capturing the rhythms of day and night in the Thai metropolis Bangkok

Alfredo Martínez: Litoralia. Where sky and sea meet: Photographer Alfredo Martinez set off on an anthropological-photographic journey along the Gulf of California

Johanna-Maria Fritz: Chermalyk. A Greek minority, made up of less than 100 000 people, lives in eastern Ukraine. Johanna-Maria Fritz travelled to the banks of the river Kalmius

Sergio Larrain: Leica Classic. Magic moments in black and white: a tribute to the Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain on the occasion of his 90th birthday

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