LFI Magazine 01/2024


「LFI」(Leica Fotografie International・英語)は、ライカと写真をテーマに1949年に創刊され、現在まで発刊され続けている専門誌です。


¥1,540 (税込)


Paolo Roversによる美への永遠のオマージュを表現した作品を始め、Michael Robinson Chávezが母親の故郷ペルーで日常生活を切り撮った「Awaiting the Rain」、Joep Hijwegenが夜明けと夕暮れのブルーアワーに捉えた詩的な瞬間「Blue Hours」などの作品を取り上げています。

  • Paolo Rovers: India. On assignment in India in the late eighties, the Italian fashion photographer produced a timeless homage to beauty in his famous soft-blur style
  • Michael Robinson Chávez: Awaiting the Rain. The photographer has travelled regularly to Peru since the 1990s, capturing daily life in his mother’s homeland. The outcome is an impressive visual diary
  • Luca Locatelli: The Circle. How do we want to live? For his long-term project, the Italian photographer has been documenting ideas for a worthy and sustainable future
  • Joep Hijwegen: Blue Hours. The Dutch photographer finds artistic reflections of his personality during the blue hours of the dawn and evening twilight
  • Evelyn Richter: Leica Classic. On the occasion of a major retrospective, we take a look at the work of the great photographer, who documented the reality of life in East Germany
  • F/STOP: Leica & CAI / Leica ZM 11 / Leica ZM 1 Rose Gold Edition